Gam Info

Provide 12 gam infomation to find and aware about it.

Address Book

Provide all families information with easier searching functionality.

Blood Book

Provide information regarding blood group, which is important for an emergency.


Provide information to help people find happiness.

Sadhu Sadhvi

Provide more information regarding sadhu sadhvi maharaj.


Provide job offer to start amazing careers in various fields.Publish your business advertisement in this application.


Provide daily news for different types of category.

Samuh Lagan

Provide couple information with groom and bride count with marriage date and place.


Provide your valuable feedback for improvement of our organization.

Jivdaya Tirth

Provide News, Count and Contact Information regarding Animals.


Provide contact information of committee members regarding any kind of help or support.


All Jain Pachakkans of Navkarsi, Porsi, Sadhporsi, Chauvihar Upvas, Upvas, Ayambil, Ekasanu, Ektanana, Biyasanu, Nivi and their details in gujarati.

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